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leoooscore:5.0 / 52016-11-03

This good friends to Luoyang play, in online selected has long only selected has this hotel, usually also not wrote reviews, but this really of makes I and the friends of travel is satisfaction. we is taxi came of. rental master put we directly sent to hotel door, I and friends a to hotel door Concierge Taiwan next of small girl on enthusiasm courtesy of greeting we is stay, we said yes, he special professional of for we mention took luggage, will we with to hotel front desk, began front desk two a beautifulMM are is concentrate on of in work, see we came in, that girl smile of greeting we, know we has scheduled, view has we of scheduled information Hou on to we fast of handle has staying, and wish we staying happy, also sent has we is said to have is Hotel homemade of Peony crisp cake and tourism map. then Concierge small girl and then with we to room, in corridor in the see seriously work of sister, she see we also surface with smile of to we greeted. We heart also Le HIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS of. we set of is single bed room, door Hou I of good friends was room neatly of layout, wood quality of furniture and that Xia train Hou yearning for has long of bed to attract live has, for what does? because she said like returned to has home of feel. then Concierge small girl and carefully of to we introduced has room of features; bathroom of Induction lamp, and Peony of theme, and patience of told we this is next to Peony square, room in senior, so see whole square of landscape also will particularly clear,Unfortunately weather not disappointing, somewhat Misty of. because second days we prepared to Luoyang the big attractions play, but I also not is clear where worth a to, so take with Concierge small girl in I draws asked has he, he detailed has structured of according to I of time arrangements recommended has several tourism attractions and told we tickets. understand clear Hou, Concierge small girl also is General wink of to we regards Hou left has room. anyway this travel really of is Rod, really can be described as is a word; beauty. recommendedYou can come and experience it.
teongryscore:3.8 / 52016-10-22

Staying for the first time, more than expected, in all areas of hotel is good
baobeiluoscore:5.0 / 52016-10-06

Booked the hotel after hotel reviews, it really did not let us down. free airport transfer services really provides convenience for us, when there is a present can choose. checkout time because I inadvertently mentioned in a hurry without eating breakfast, results staff kindly sent us a pot of peonies and crisp as earlier, so touched.
gongtao_ttscore:5.0 / 52016-10-06

Travel near a week, last a late live here, just registration good room received has small gift-two a cloth doll, also put we of room for has free upgrade, room Super big, facilities complete, service also special good, second days also called has handlebar we sent to airport, is these days in most satisfaction of hotel has, next again to Luoyang also live here!
dreamsun1234score:5.0 / 52016-10-03

Hotel facilities were good, the key is great
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