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Hotel reservation success to shop 'no room' platform and the third party who is accountable?

Date: 2019-05-12

Guangxi's Mr. Jiang a plan to travel to changsha, hunan province, on May 2, he successfully made a reservation through "with Cheng Yilong" the small program 5 standard room.In the evening, when Mr Jiang a check-in, but have been told "there is no room for" hotel front desk.

Online booking success, to the shop only to be told that "the room is full of", Mr. Jiang has not alone.A number of netizens reflect suffer as Mr. Jiang, why will appear this kind of circumstance?What is behind the cooperation platform and hotel issue?And how should the consumer rights?

With Cheng Yilong booking client new warp/weft Zhang Yanzheng taken "reservation success, to the shop didn't room" is not alone

May 2 afternoon, Mr. Jiang with routine tourism official small program "with Cheng Yilong" ordered 5 standard rooms, and online payment of 1850 yuan, 1820 yuan for the room charge, 30 yuan for the service fee.Mr. Jiang said, after the success of the payment, he received the hotel reservation success of SMS.That night they a check-in at the hotel, but have been told "there is no room" at the front desk.

The hotel said a manager surnamed ren, "with Cheng Yilong" with the hotel's contract expires at the end of last year, since then no longer to renew, cooperation system have also been in February was shut down.According to as a manager, with Cheng Yilong is through the "third party" to the housing, "third party" with the hotel does have cooperation, but there's a convention in agreement: the hotel guarantee housing at ordinary times, but in the national legal holiday, the region for the big event, and so on and so forth, will not guarantee can provide housing.

In the case of Mr. Ren met, "with Cheng Yilong" responded that "through a third party platform to get housing, may be the result of system error and has nothing to do with the hotel, all the responsibility borne by the 'with Cheng Yilong,."In the end, Mr Jiang obtained with Cheng Yilong refund and compensation.

Most netizens, however, he met this kind of situation, only to apply for cancellation, platform and the hotel without any compensation.

In zhejiang university Huang Yichen latitude and longitude (a pseudonym) for new client, said during the May Day, she passed the chi heng App booking a price 300 yuan of double bed room."Clearly received chi heng App before booking successful SMS, very not easy to arrive to the hotel, was told by the front desk 'hotel is full".

Huang Yichen shows the hotel front desk staff due to successful SMS, staff said after the brush get her id card, the system shows have check out, there is no new booking, check-in.

Huang Yichen sent order screenshots show, the order cannot be cancelled."Cannot be cancelled after the order confirmation modified, if not full will charge you the room rate is RMB 145.Wisdom guild according to your method of payment for pre authorization or deduction rate, order shall come into force after the hotel or supplier confirmation, order confirmation results with chi heng SMS or email notification shall prevail, such as order is not confirmed to cancel the pre authorization or a full refund to your payment account."

"Users booking the room cannot cancel the changes, otherwise will deduct the room charge, too pit."Huang Yichen angrily said, "all have received the reservation successful platform to send text messages, how could you say don't have the room can't room?"Part of the hotel's bet is the probability of active check-out?

New fabric client understands, consumers in each big platform for hotel reservation, direct docking is online travel agencies, the online and offline merchants form resources docking platform, at the same time the OTA between platforms will be for the hotel, the guesthouse housing resources sharing.

A OTA platform insiders Xue Yong latitude and longitude (a pseudonym) for new client, said the traditional OTA usually by strong E - booking platform and the room system, to maintain the hotel's inventory and order delivery.This approach to the problem of high star hotel is not big, because there are personnel processing, the possibility of a room full of room is small.As hotel distribution to develop in the direction of small and medium-sized hotel, inn, hotel inventory, prices, order management, real-time verification issues became a resistance to the further development of OTA.

"Platform and the hotel is different, there is no room is not living situation for the customer.Online travel docking platform just hotel, no hotel platform itself.Group hotel have a reservation for someone who's in charge of network business, full can call ahead to inform the customer cancel the order, but most of the hotels are not the process."Xue Yong said.

Another unnamed industry insiders said latitude and longitude of new clients, this reservation success only to be told "room is filled with" generally occur in the economy hotel, and is in the peak tourist season.With Mr. Jiang is a big probability event, the real reason is quite likely the hotel to break a promise."Online than offline booking reservation prices more transparent, and cheap, in the tourist season, part of the budget hotel individual store room price is higher, for reservation before consumers, business too many are" one-off ", don't care much about word of mouth, will pass the buck to Taipei, senior group hotel general won't happen."The industry insiders said.

"Some of the budget hotel clearly do not have so much room, but dare to accept reservation on the platform, probability of bet is to take the initiative to cancel the order, because some guests will come or not cancel the order."The insider added.

A hotel front desk for new fabric client said: "there is a full room, locked room still have orders from the case, don't order to buckle hotel XinYuZhi score, also affect the overall hotel, the hotel can only call customers to refuse."Hotel, the platform, a third party, who took responsibility?