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Luoyang the 36th annual New Year's day long distance race was held in the new city sports center

Date: 2016-01-02

Addition to luoyang on January 1 (January 1 at 8 in the morning, the subject of "national fitness happiness zhongyuan" luoyang the 36th annual New Year's day long distance race held in the city of luoyang new district sports center, nearly all of our fellow citizens to participate in the contest to celebrate the New Year.
New Year's day run as a traditional sport in luoyang city, from the first time in 1979 has held the 36 consecutive terms, New Year's day long distance race, not only to the national fitness movement of the extensive played a huge role, and has become the city's image display, encouraging an important platform of the city's people's spirit.
As the starting gun, to participate in the activities of long distance race of people began to run, the game, they age biggest 83 years old, the youngest only 6 years old.
It is understood that the game has a total of 4000 meters, 5000 meters, 6000 meters three forms.Among them, 44 primary school, 45 junior middle school, 24 to participate in a high school.In other project registration, personal enrolment of 200 people, 700 people signing up for the disabled.
City leaders Lawrence Chen, Wei Xianfeng, Zhang Shengwei, Zhu Jingying participated in the activities, etc.(Meng Mei)