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Luoyang animation museum reopened at hkust in the river Will be free and open to the public

Date: 2016-01-02

Luoyang animation museum after one-year donations, after the relocation work, from the henan university of science and technology (hkust) hereinafter referred to as the river north west campus school reopened.In the future, luoyang animation museum will be open to the public for free.
Last year on April 20, luoyang museum of anime and river university software institute signed the unpaid donation intention agreement, well-known entrepreneurs Wang Changyi decided to luoyang anime museums free of charge donated to river university software institute.Last year on July 2, river university software institute started luoyang museum of anime relocation construction, and on this basis to create the river hkust anime professional education base.
As of yesterday, the construction work is almost ready, luoyang animation museum reopened.
Luoyang animation original curator of the museum for introduction, after the relocation of the museum showed little change in the display, exhibition, etc.As the domestic first to computer application technology, the cartoon as the theme of the private museum, the museum collection of total 52 countries anime cartoon stamps, 25 countries and regions historical materials and the cartoon characters hands do (the cartoon model), etc.In addition, the museum also set animation studios and stereoscopic film experience hall, visitors can experience the animation production process.
Be worth what carry is, after the relocation of luoyang museum of anime will remain "rabbit," creator Wang Mao bases, "lulu" treasure creator and wang wei-ming from cartoonist's precious manuscripts, anime fans to this event.
Referring to the combination of museum and university, for said, carrier is education at colleges and universities, one of the social mission of the museum is also education.For colleges and universities in luoyang offers students with cartoon animation museum of embracing the world platform;For luoyang animation museum, university of animation talent will also be injected vitality.
River university vice-chancellor song is introduced in the book, the school set up animation, animation design and production and other related professional, luoyang animation museum, created a new platform of the animation specialty education in the school, to cultivate more excellent professional and technical personnel laid a new foundation.(reporter iflin)