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Wan Anshan ecology model district investment conference call

Date: 2016-01-02

33rd annual China international fair for luoyang peony festival Wan Anshan ecology model district investment in 2014 was held on April 18 in peony huacheng luoyang, during the event as the 33rd China luoyang peony festival is one of the important economic and trade activities, attracted including green space holding group, hauser group, jiangxi people's livelihood, henan state-controlled group, Beijing ZhuZong group, more than 50 domestic well-known enterprises such as xi 'an xiehe real estate group to los.To attend the meeting of the municipal leaders are: demonstration area of luoyang urban and rural integration working committee secretary Wang Lilin comrade, vice mayor of luoyang ShangYing according to comrade, deputy director of the demonstration zone of luoyang urban and rural integration, Lou will peak comrades.
To attend the meeting and the leadership of: luoyang marina area demonstration ping-an li, director of the committee of National People's Congress, the city of luoyang urban and rural integration development and reform bureau, deputy director of Ma Zhi demonstration area, luoyang urban and rural integration, deputy director of the office hong-bo tian, luoyang urban and rural integration demonstration zone Zhang Zhaomin, deputy director of the environmental protection bureau, the city of luoyang urban and rural integration demonstration zone Zhou Guangyu, luoyang, deputy director of bureau of investment and financing to promote managing director urin Wan Anshan construction development co., LTD.
Luoyang Wan Anshan ecological demonstration zone as a world-class ecological cultural tourism holiday destination, the domestic first-class comprehensive development in urban and rural areas as a whole demonstration zone, the central plains economic zone leading cultural tourism projects.Regional planning area of 116 square kilometers, is located in the southeast corner, shaolin tourism with central longmen, luoyang city "- less - luo zheng" tourism important bearing.Area about 20 kilometers away from luoyang in a straight line, straight line distance is about 100 kilometers east from zhengzhou central, dengfeng shaolin temple scenic area, about 30 kilometers, about 3 km west to longmen grottoes, the northwest edge about 7 km away from zheng west high speed rail luoyang longmen station, about 25 kilometers from the northern suburbs of luoyang international airport.
Wan Anshan ecological demonstration area with the potential of the longmen grottoes, the right place, right time and, by historical and cultural city of luoyang, with brand-new appearance, long history, profound cultural connotation, rich in natural resources, convenient infrastructure and a huge market and preferential policies and efficient service, provides customers with unlimited business opportunities and investment for the development of space.The meeting is Wan Anshan cultural tourism brand, land scale advantage, key construction projects, focus on building infrastructure, land investment, tourism projects, etc. Carried on the thorough negotiation.