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Luoyang first enterprise charity named fund was established

Date: 2016-01-02

18, we have 10 stores open in luoyang at the same time, according to the company will do every one is the tradition of charity, we decided to take out 10000 yuan to set up a bright bright student fund."Yesterday, Jiang Xihuang Fan Xu bright group food co., LTD., deputy general manager said.
The fund is the luoyang city charity federation charity named fund management measure (trial) "established since March 1, implement the first enterprise charity named fund.Fan Xu said the fund will be mainly used for funding of luoyang poor students in school, the company will open 10 new stores on May 18, from April 19 solstice operating income of 1% a month into the fund, follow-up will also according to the usage of funds continuously.
City charity federation officials said, at present, the city has 12 people in the city charity federation set up individual named fund, but companies set up a charity named fund was the first time, also look forward to more love enterprises by setting up a named fund to improve visibility and influence.Intends to set up a charity named fund of public or corporate director can call 63360393, or 63362912 to xigong jingu garden building of binjiang road 72 6th floor.(reporter Su Nan correspondent Hao Chun estates)