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Luoyang rainy day at the weekend The temperature drops will have

Date: 2015-04-17

Yesterday is the spring some appearance, bright but not dazzling sunshine, slightly dry but the air with a fragrance, occasionally a breeze blowing, it is everybody "April day" the way of the heart.But the weather this weekend is not so bright and beautiful, as the rainy day comes, the temperature will drop some.
Sky is cloudy, rainy
After a few days sunny day, rainy day is coming, we actually like the weather is good also, changeability air dry spilled water, wash clean, the sky, the day was sunny again, the low temperature is not too cold, high temperature is not too hot, generally speaking is the most comfortable season now.
According to the municipal meteorological department is expected to turn in the cloudy day with light rain today, PianDongFeng level 2 to level 3, the temperature of 10 ℃ to 21 ℃.Parts of 18 cloudy with light rain, moderate rain, the temperature of 12 ℃ to 17 ℃.
Spring airflow converge more frequent changes in temperature, the temperature fluctuate, everyone should take good care of the old people and children in particular, in case of seasonal epidemics.
Try "night lie to get up early, wide steps in court"
The ancients thought, spring health standards "night lie to get up early, steps in the court, been slow form", by our good understanding is early to bed and early to rise, curled hair, loose their, make body relax, relax, stroll in the courtyard.
You don't look down upon the keeping in good health by the ancients', these old ideas also really a little science.Neither too hot nor too cold in the spring, is a good time to garden, good air in the park for a walk, take a deep breath, and from time to time so that I can stretch my legs, lala, helps both qi and blood flow, and can remove the pain detoxification, helping to enjoy flowers, how leisure.(reporter Yang Fengxuan correspondent YuDongHui)