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Luoyang City, the main push to the society four boutique on line

Date: 2015-04-14

The 12 day,the 2015springtourof Luoyang leisure agricultureandleisure agriculture in Mengjinspecial promotionwill be held inMengjin County,the citytothe main pushfour fine line.

Urbanmodern agriculturesightseeing tours to experience

Location: Luolongdistrictalong theLiLou ZhenShi

Characteristics:thisline isfocused on"have spent four seasons,four different"TropicalOrchidExhibition Hall,the Museumof rare plantsin the north of the Changjiang River,the largestorchid production base,a large scaleof rareflowersclonepropagationcenter,exhibition hall,new exoticfruits and vegetablesat home and abroad.Gaokeplanting,farming culturemuseum in LuolongareainYuhuagardenandgreenproduction base,covering,happy farm,farmhouse,picking gardenfor"family general mobilization"Lan Huiagricultural science and technology park.

Recreational fishingtour


Characteristics:theline"theleisure fishery base"--the maincharacteristics ofrecreational fishing,fish feastandfolk performances,dragonculturein Yiyang countyfarmer cooperatives,tocave hotel,off-road racingandrecreational fishingfor the characteristics of theriver afteragriculture and tourism garden.

Outdoorleisure agriculturetourism

Location:Ruyang tigerhillagriculturepark

Characteristics:the park hasa cross-country car,motorcyclesports venues,the villagepub,the originalstone tribesand other projects,and expand the trainingteamclimbing enthusiastscan alsodisplay skillhere.


Location:mainly concentrated in the Xin'an Countytown of magnetic streamand fivetown,Mengjin Countytown,Chang DaiMa Tun ZhenandXigongHongshanoffices and other placesof the Cherry Valley

Characteristics:full particles,sweet and juicycherryismature,let us together"on thetaste ofcherrythree hundred"!(reporter Zhao Shuocorrespondent Wang Gaochao