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Luoyang Animation Museum re opened in the river, will be free and open to the public

Date: 2015-04-22

Luoyang animationmuseumexperiencefor a period of one year,after therelocation ofthe donation,from the Henan University of Science and Technology(hereinafter referred to as theriver,northofXiyuan campusre opened).In the future,Luoyang AnimationMuseumwill be open free to the public.

In April 20th last year,Luoyang AnimationMuseum andriver HKUSTSoftwareInstitute signed anagreement of intentdonations,the well-known entrepreneurWang Changyidecided toLuoyang AnimationMuseumdonated to theriver HKUSTCollege of software.In July 2nd last year,the riverofsoftwarecolleges began to implementLuoyang AnimationMuseumrelocation,and on this basis tocreatethe river,animation baseof professional education.

As of yesterday,the constructionwork has been basically completed,Luoyang AnimationMuseumre opened.

Luoyang animationformer museum curatorWang Yong introduced,after therelocation ofthemuseumexhibitson display,there is no change in the basic.As the first companyinthe computer application technology,the animationas the theme of theprivatemuseum,historical documentsand otherhandanimationcartoon characterof the museumcollection of52 NationalCartoonstamps,25 countries and regions(refers to theanimationmodel).In addition,the museum alsohasanimation studiosandmovieexperience hall,visitorscan experience theprocess of makinganimation.

It is worth mentioning that,afterthe relocation oftheLuoyang AnimationMuseumwill remain "rabbit","creator Wang MaomaotreasureLulu"creatorandcartoonistWang Weimingand otherprecious manuscripts,anime fanscan beafeast for the eyes.

With themuseums anduniversitiesabout,said Wang Yong,the universityisone of thecarrier of education,social missioniseducationmuseum.For colleges and universities,Luoyang AnimationMuseum offersto embrace the world withanimationplatform forstudents;theLuoyangMuseuminanimation,animation talentwill also injectvitality.

River divisionvice presidentSong Shuzhong introduced,the schoolis currently set upanimation,animation design and productionand other related professionalanimationMuseum,located in Luoyang,to create a newplatform forthe school of professionaleducationin animation,laying a new foundationfor training moreoutstanding professional and technical personnel.(reporter Wang Yan)