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Trustdata report: Meituan hotel rooms exceed ctrip's total number for the first time

Date: 2018-05-25

Trustdata5 on 16, according to a report released on the mobile end user scale growth and rejuvenation of the user, in the first quarter of this year online hotel reservation industry change: in March 2018, the group hotel with 22.7 million monthly amount of room nights ctrip, where to go, for the first time with Cheng Yilong combined.Meanwhile, in the first quarter of 2018, Meituan hotel ranked first in the industry with 57.7 million orders.

The mobile Internet by third parties, 16 big data monitoring platform Trustdata5 released "2018 Q1 China online hotel reservation industry analysis report shows that in the first quarter of 2018 averaged MAU (number of active users) more than 75 million, of which three lines and the following user accounts for up to 46.5% of the city, in the field of tourism consumption upgrade gradually from a second-tier cities into the lower tier cities.
At the same time, since the end of last year, the number of new users has been huge.
Among them, over 10 million new users were added in December 2017 and 23.72 million in the first quarter of 2018.
Nearly half of the new users come from third-tier and lower-tier cities, with channels sinking and the importance of local booking consumption scenarios highlighted.

It is worth noting that online hotel booking users are younger.
In terms of age group, online hotel booking users aged 21 to 30 accounted for 42.7 percent, ranking first among all age groups.
Next came users aged 31-40, accounting for 29.8%.
The total number of users aged 21 to 40 accounted for 72.5% of the total number of users.

Meituan's post-80s and post-90s customers account for up to 81.8 percent, with younger users and stronger purchasing power.
The pursuit of quality, the hope of rich experience in travel, and the gradual emergence of women as decision-making leaders are very distinctive consumption characteristics of this group.

China's online hotel booking industry has taken a new shape after nearly two decades of development, the report said.
Tourism consumption has presented obvious personal consumption growth trend, and led to ali, jingdong, Meituan comments on electricity and life services platform into the tourism industry, full of "ChiZhuHang tourist entertainment" chain of tourism consumption of integrated platform.