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The New Friendship Hotel (Xin Youyi Dajiudian) is a World Golden Key Hotel member. The hotel offers central air conditioning,  in-room stereo sound,  international and domestic direct-dial phones,  computers and mini-bars. The hotel boasts 11 restaurants with a capcity of up to 600 altogether,  serving Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisine in addtion to local dishes and French food.

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住客评论 1248条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • e04189077
    Very good, service was too hot, old bow is not so good, HA HA
  • FloydLee
    Breakfast very good, exceeds expectations
  • Heisetiankong
    Hotel of service special good, especially to I handle housing of small girl special of enthusiasm, also deliberately arrangements luggage health with I to see room, staying during, has what problem as long as to front desk call, will immediately to solution, let I is is surprise, other hotel not has so of speed. check out Shi, due to catch time, front desk small girl special fast of to handle good has procedures, speed, praise a a.
  • yunfeng
    Hotel services are very good, environment is also good, the opportunity to live
  • dsestret
    Well, lived here
  • jetnsong
    Are very good, especially good, room is dark, including corridor, restaurants and other public areas.
  • supergy1208
    Very good, good service, convenient
  • DannyYee
  • sisternanny
    Experience is very good, hotel is really nothing to say, the rooms are comfortable and clean with free fruit green, staying at raffle and small gifts, hotel location, Peony Square outside, there are many peonies, recommended stay-
  • ma240131
    Hotel service was very good, and free upgrades
  • erj145
    Well, fruit drinks inclusive
  • bfb2000
    Reception very friendly. room is also good. is the TV channel did not set well, suggested checking improvements.
  • lilyin_wind
    Very good
  • cantona
    Very very satisfaction of experience, completely unexpected! as business people domestic abroad everywhere travel, I even dare guarantee, this is software, hardware are is TOP 3 of a hotel. especially service, real do has home away from home! let we has has home of experience. room arrangements reasonable, even carefully arrangements has Office regional, fax, print ranging. Super praise! front desk, Hall of service personnel, Concierge Department of staff service very in place. next must again live!
  • araviglione
    Is good of hotel, to I left has is deep of impression. regardless of is lobby Concierge also is front desk of waiter are is of enthusiasm sincere, front desk girl also sent has I two small bear, is cute, now in home left for Memorial. surprise of is, to room yihou, waiter found I is girls, immediately on sent came has a double Ladies slippers, and staying during, daily are has different of fresh fruit sent to, so heart detailed of service also is first times met. anyway this is once is goodHotel experience.
  • lonly
    Which is very nice
  • doouu
    Angle is very convenient, very suitable for business trip
  • wyd871101
    Starting Qian deliberately from ctrip Shang see has many network assessment, only select has this hotel, staying yihou, hotel of service does like evaluation said of as very of good. 1, from into hotel lobby began on feel to has, welcome bin member is enthusiasm, help mention luggage, handle staying procedures Shi also will handed Shang tea. 2, front desk of reception personnel also for we detailed of introduced has hotel and room, reminded we second days breakfast of locations and time, is of intimate. 3, rooms of service personnel alsoVery sweet, found me in my room on the first day of the throat medication, and the next day in the room equipped with lozenges and to help burned next to the boiling water with a message telling me to drink more water. I was touched by all these details are, next time I will come to a new friendship.
  • wanglina84
    Best hotel, thank you
  • tanae
    Hotels in dengfeng is very good, and can also scale, very clean, very quiet, very comfortable to live near school, near Shaolin Temple. forgot to hang in the rooms, hotel staff thoughtful, informed in advance and retrieve items, thank you!
  • e00135089
    Good location, good service!
  • GeorgeOnline
    Location can be
  • abc09
    Service was very good, also send cookies, and greeting a handwritten note.
  • juden151
    Peony hotel, unique, service attentive, extremely well, is located in the business district, convenient!
  • dreamersj
    Hotel location is very good, just across from the convenience store, not 5 minutes old Luoyang noodle shops, free parking. Assistant Manager and staff are very warm and friendly, responsive, and answer their questions. Room very good, sending fruit, yogurt, and Serena, because with a baby doll toy was also sent, said that special fruit has four, very good quality, not perfunctory fruit ^ _ ^ other hotel rooms separate WiFi, signal strong individuals with a few minor recommendationsRoom charges for placing articles (not saying you know......) Will give people lower on the hotel's view, few hotels on these things now ...
  • robin0710
    Good location, in the Peony square. very good. room size, very distinctive. wireless connections are very good. service is the best of the hotel where she lived, Super five-star. free a plate of fruit and snacks every day. also offers a free airport shuttle and high-speed rail service. room is very intimate. need to be praised.
  • aysping
    Good place to consider
  • Blazing Angel
  • wolflover
    First class service, is too kind a little embarrassed.
  • bin3pl
    New friendship big hotel is I see had most human most sincere for guest of a hotel, with family to Luoyang play son, see has many network assessment yihou eventually set in has new friendship. hotel provides has free of received machine service, this for we outsiders really of is is intimate, station of Yao ladies is enthusiasm know we is from field to tourism of, along the like we introduced has many Luoyang worth play of place. to hotel yihou handle staying of employees is professional shortcut and gift to we has LosYang of specialty Peony crisp and Luoyang map, really of is let we moved was. in live during all waiter on we of needs are is active meet and also intimate of for we provides has many unexpected of small surprise. because just is himself of birthday out day returned to hotel Hou found himself of room in pendulum with a fine of Peony porcelain also has a seal handwriting of cards, see has Hou found is hotel for I prepared of birthday gift, really of is let I has a stream from heart sliding had, senseThanks to their attentive service, strongly recommend to you, Oh!
  • billieoo
    Good location is the Peony square in front, high price.
  • a9116594
    High-speed Airport Shuttle, very nice rooms, and sweepstakes
  • lili1137278769
    Service is really good next time will come again.
  • raincloud
  • amyyx
    Good service, good attitude, ask rail shuttle for free.
  • djj4jj
    Very good hotel, very close from the Wanda Plaza. important was the staff service very good, highly recommended.
  • ffyou365
    Very good hotel, is already the second stay, service attentive to detail to an extreme, the hotel also provides free high-speed railway station and station service, people are very happy
  • leifeng151
    Good, as well. but the breakfast was a little less, and not just a little pity.
  • taoaili
    Hotel amenities, services must praise it, I don't know the hotel required one day in advance of booking a pick up service cases, in several hours in advance to the hotel, although there was no appointment to the car, but the hotel is intimate so I took a taxi over to the reimbursement of expenses for taxi. fruits free of charge at the hotel, really nice!
  • BlueRose007
  • Anita1018
    Hotel location good, in Peony square next. environment is good. room size moderate, decoration is has features. wireless speed also is good. service is live had of hotel in the best of, Super five-star. daily free sent a disc fruit and small food. also provides free of airport and high-speed rail shuttle service. rooms waiter also very intimate. need particularly praised. very good! free upgrade of Business Suite, service various intimate! summer prepared has chrysanthemum tea, fruit, yogurt, also specially prepared hasWomen's slippers. highly recommended! next time must also live here! star praise!
  • e04670909
    Cost-effective service
  • jadecr
  • gloria168www
    Also, apart from outside the room, service was good
  • Edwardyung
    Services are particularly good, provided the station with hot mineral water, fine quality, after the arrival of fruit yogurt! with sincere services to build brand!
  • tangdagou
    The location of the hotel you can also, in the Luoyang region. in-room welcome facilities obsolete. in-room fruit service. but overall relatively high accommodation prices. breakfast was excellent, food variety, price satisfaction
  • fengmangold
    First from station said up's, I and colleagues travel, ahead of a days set of high-speed rail votes and hotel, station service is good, reception personnel is enthusiasm, also deliberately to prepared has water and wet towel, really of was is comfortable, accommodation during daily are has fruit and yogurt, clean also is timely, in Hotel himself wash of clothes, waiter worried housing in not ventilation not love dry, deliberately to got water between drying, and left has tips notes. all details really of let people feel is comfortable, hotel of dish do of alsoWell, in short, everything from service to eat make people feel comfortable is our choice for woman to Luoyang again next time!
  • angalas168
    Room clean and comfortable, the service was great!
  • J is my
    Live has a late, but left of impression may lifetime memorable has. on like front members said of, door draw, sent small gift, a cup hot, door fruit, a are many. everyone are surface with smile, not zombie laugh, is is sincere of laugh. actually does, also wants to with hotel of station service, later think family money not easy, on received himself cost too high, also pollution environment, on useless, results, to gantry station got off a see, I to, I didn't let people received, was let received. also isHimself taxi to of, wants to way see himself original live had of environment. service the aspects didn't of said, parking also convenient. addition worth big praise of also has the hotel of food, although just a amateur foodie, but also is sleep out eat of things cheap, breakfast more is let I appetite big open, eat has a meal, top to two o'clock in the afternoon back Beijing are not hungry. anyway, in Luoyang this to son can has a hotel, is didn't thought, I must also will back of.
  • sinopan
    Service is in place, the feeling of a home away from home, you must praise a