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The New Friendship Hotel (Xin Youyi Dajiudian) is a World Golden Key Hotel member. The hotel offers central air conditioning,  in-room stereo sound,  international and domestic direct-dial phones,  computers and mini-bars. The hotel boasts 11 restaurants with a capcity of up to 600 altogether,  serving Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisine in addtion to local dishes and French food.

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  • sicer
    Overall I feel pretty good Oh! very bullish, Oh service is much better!
  • austincao
    Hotel in good location, opposite the Peony square, there are many small restaurants around, easy to eat. Hotel staff was very good, the service is also in place, every day with free fruit and small food excellent value. In addition to the facility is a bit old, rooms a bit weak, overall still very satisfied.
  • jason1014
    The service was excellent, recommended travel experience
  • xian1115
    Nice hotel
  • bigfire918
    Free shuttle service, excellent! service quality, great! gold medal worthy Butler!
  • Freemagic
    That's good
  • candy_137
    Service very attentive, hassle free. parking is also convenient
  • fangyi95
    And we think it's great
  • ly0531
    Service great, highly recommended!
  • never_do
    Warm service
  • luluxue
    Location good, around is lively. hotel service is good, employees are very courtesy kind, staying also has small gift sent, room also has free fruit, is intimate. breakfast also is delicious. is night of when not know is square dance also is Kara OK of sing to is late. morning check out Shi staff on this also said has apologies, and gift has gift. we is second days morning 10 points of flights, appointment has free sent machine service, hotel employees also put we sent car, is thoughtful. onlyBut we originally reservation of is 8 points starting of, later accept Hotel recommends and sat same flights of live guest spell car 8 points 30 starting, but to has airport Hou found for boarding pass to row is long of team, time very tight, and we together to of live guest is business class of, fundamental without queued, somewhat pit dad. certainly also cannot full blame hotel's. slightly mention points small recommends, hotel remote control may with of somewhat dirty has, has smell a bursts of, hope hotel can regularly elimination disinfection, doSmall details. overall occupancy and still feel good.
  • renfei2
    That's no problem
    Hotel is very good, especially their waiter surnamed Chu is very good, hotel leader should praise
  • DUO Dad
    Nice, quite and thoughtful service, come to live in Luoyang are here
  • e00131680
    Hotel staff very good, is somewhat less room
  • lanejones
    Hotel's services are particularly good, every waiter is a sincere passion for guest service. often come to the hotel, the girl at the front desk manager remember my preferences and habits, which makes me feel as the hotel staff were very professional. This is also the reason why every time I choose here ... hope you can do better.
  • GBsusan
    Where the environment is also very good little expensive
  • eric3300
    Hotel location is very good, the rooms are big, warm and thoughtful staff, traffic is very convenient for what
  • emily-ii
    Hotel is good first is service; has free of shuttle machine service, driver master vehicles driving process in the is of smooth; hotel of service personnel are very enthusiasm, got off Shi has hand help I take luggage, and way accompany with I until put I sent to room; in total Taiwan handle procedures Shi very of shortcut, a minutes not to on do good has procedures; also pumping has award, luck is good pumping to has a cup ^ _ ^ then to has room also has waiter help burn of water, rushed bubble good of chrysanthemum tea toAnd attendant chulingyun is a family of handwritten mail also helps us to wash the clothes. Hotel facilities were very good, large room equipped with not only Kung Fu tea sets as well as printers and fax machines, room of fruit, snacks, also sent the yogurt and snacks in the evening. For this option, I'm satisfied. continue to live here.
  • gongtao_tt
    Travel near a week, last a late live here, just registration good room received has small gift-two a cloth doll, also put we of room for has free upgrade, room Super big, facilities complete, service also special good, second days also called has handlebar we sent to airport, is these days in most satisfaction of hotel has, next again to Luoyang also live here!
  • LordMax
    Very good! services and sanitation is good! highly recommended!
  • Angela-yingying
    Overall I feel very good friends also say good
  • cooni19
    In online see has hotel location away from travel units is near compared convenient, staying Hou found hotel of service does as online said of is good, waiter are is enthusiasm, not only gift small gift, also has waiter ahead of to room burn good has water, each a room also has himself of independent wireless, on we this travel to with network of people is most convenient of, prepared left Shi also using has they of sent station service, very convenient, to later Luoyang has also live here has.
  • e00320016
    Hotel next has two a relative big of hotel, so may not too find, especially also next to friendship hotel, more easy make wrong, OK I zhiqian to had once. hotel around environment is good, surface towards Peony square, night also good, Peony square also has a article bar street, night also can to listening to listening to song drink drinking, just morning has elderly morning, especially pumping whip and square dance how many will somewhat noisy. facilities equipment how many some old, but is can accept of. hardware conditions isSo than but other hotel, but software conditions service really of is super five-star of! although to hotel time compared late, but front desk service personnel (workers, seems is 427) not only no sleepy, service also is enthusiasm, I asked second days morning drink soup of place, she also is carefully for I explained, then told I lane line, returned to I took out parking card said parking free, last to live on not know parking is free of, this OK she told has I, or on and white pay has! Although money didn't how many, but who I not willing to white cut not? left of when sent has I small gift, also said has sentence earlier rest, for like I this alone out of guest for is warm heart! just up check out of when she may has work has, no see she, next to of when hope also is that small girl to I handle procedures, haha! anyway, hotel is Rod! service also no said! is recommended staying!
  • Yelee
    Luoyang, great service attitude is moving example
  • gdays210
    Service very good! fruit yogurt every day free!
  • e00970734
    Very nice hotel, the next time you stay, service is super nice
  • Dong926
    Hotel service was very good. room amenities very good. high-end atmosphere level. breakfast is also very good. is the old location in. travel to far away from the Office, they won't all come.
  • M01238924
    Service Super, in place, highly recommended!
    Excellent service, and convenient transportation, the only drawback is the noise problem, and square dancing downstairs is super.
  • corajin
    Which is very nice
  • XLSearls
    It's OK
  • jammyleung
    Facilities, better services.
  • BLU_E
    New friendship big hotel to I this Luoyang of line left has better of memories. from night received machine began, on began experience to hotel in service consciousness Shang is heart, aircraft late, driver Zhao master so waiting, car on water and map tourism manual, way detailed answers I on Luoyang tourism of problem. Hotel door didn't got off on was meet, staying procedures soon do good, also sent small snack, and way sent to room, all staff are is active of smile, help. rooms withinDaily has sent fruit, yogurt, drink has refrigerator within a tank Coke, checkout was only Ternary, supermarket price, conscience Ah! most praise of is second days night back, found has waiter handwriting message, told water has burn open, tea also put good. sent machine service is free, as long as ahead of one days front desk contact Xia on good. this back not know luck good also is character outbreak, sent I to airport actually A6 served. asked five star hotel live has many, service so home of also is first times see.In addition, the hotel or the Peony square downstairs, very beautiful, quiet, take a taxi buses are convenient. If there is insufficient to say, is the breakfast seem to have room for improvement. all in all highly recommended.
  • luv_sandra
    A very good environment. service is very good.
  • jiangcun602
    Hotel location is good and convenient, feeling the warm is thoughtful and meticulous service, sincerely not adulterate. hotel also offers pick-up and high-speed rail service, it really is a home from home feeling ... a great
  • duanxiaoya
    You can also.
  • est811
    Friendship House, new friends, feeling good, but services need to improve, come on
  • e04333067
    Service was very good, and?. Send free pick-up service. late for breakfast are also packaged, too warm.
  • Anglebb
    Environment and sanitation well worth staying
  • gaolin60
    Service facilities are good, go out to the Park, nice
  • dongdongdogdog
    Nice, warm service, the device also has cultural heritage
  • joefei
    Most satisfied with the hotel service, a feeling of home away from home. Hotel soundproofing treatments, can clearly hear voices in the next room.
  • a1066612970
    Which is very nice
  • aaajeffy
    Luoyang is a six star hotel service, breakfast was very good
  • wolf925
    Which is very nice
  • liliwei
    Good breakfast, good service
  • p5989366
    Check out at the front desk people just can't stand, misfire lets you have been, you are mistaken! check out aren't lining up to see who to whom hard knot, small details that this hotel management doesn't work.
  • rogerpig
    Very nice hotel-the next time you come or who