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New Friendship Hotel Luoyang is located next to the beautiful Peony Square, 15 kilometers from the airport, 7 kilometers from the station, 10 kilometers from the high-speed rail station, and 12 kilometers from the Longmen Grottoes. The transportation is convenient.
New Friendship Hotel Luoyang is a 'Peony Culture' theme hotel in the ancient capital of the 13th Dynasty. It has more than 100 sets of stylish and elegant peony-themed rooms and enjoys a beautiful view of Peony Square. The theme rooms are elegantly furnished and comfortable. Huangjin Housekeeper's service floor has complete and complete business facilities, which can meet your needs for various business activities. In the spacious and welcoming guest rooms, you can enjoy the intimate service of the 'king gold steward' and the 'golden key' commissioned personalized service.
New Friendship Hotel Luoyang Huangjin Tang Dynasty Restaurant has 17 cultural themed restaurants with different styles and elegance, which can accommodate 800 guests at the same time for various banquets and cold receptions. The famous chefs specialize in Cantonese, Sichuan and Henan cuisine and The Luoyang water seat will allow you to appreciate Heluo cuisine in the beautiful scenery and enjoy the rich and modern Luoyang City cultural feast.
New Friendship Hotel Luoyang Conference Center can accommodate 400 people at the same time, 5 large, medium, and small conference rooms. It is fully functional and well-equipped. It has high-tech, multi-functional audio-visual system and wireless network facilities. More experienced conference butler The whole preparation process is an ideal place for your business communication and conferences.
New Friendship Hotel Luoyang will meet all your needs with skilled service skills, comprehensive service facilities, professional conference equipment, considerate butler service, and sophisticated conference services. No matter it is a business event, meeting, reception or banquet, New Friendship Hotel will provide you with personalized, considerate, thoughtful, meticulous and satisfactory value-added services throughout the process.
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  • lusian1128
    Hotel is very good, near from the work place!
  • corolla8509
    And friends with to Luoyang travel select has this hotel, feel really is good of! to of time because to of time than is expected to of time late, first to handle has staying, at interrogation restaurant has not business has, front desk of small girl on and we said has hotel near of several snack bar, Environment General but on we this hungry has half urgent with eat full belly of people also is good good of, eat finished rice back saw room in the also has waiter sent of yogurt snacks,, hot burn good has, air conditioningAlso has a warm, entered the room the whole mood is comfortable, is the warm spring wind rustling outside the House. this cold day out on us too warm for running a business, new friendships I remember this time, next time I will definitely come back to Luoyang.
  • dfefa
    Multiple occupancy, service very good. around the Mall
  • adalard
    Hotel is located in downtown, traffic is convenience, also near Peony square, early up morning special good! associate four star of hotel, is is associate seven of service, into to hotel each personal are is kind, surface with smile, service thoughtful, is has home of feel, front desk small girl seems called Wang Bozhen handle procedures of speed soon, service also is enthusiasm, heard I is since driving tour, also told has I gantry Grotto white horse Temple of lane line, and took out map detailed of to I hand painting has XiaTo, later and to I took has parking card told I by parking card can free parking, go of when see I luggage more also let lobby employees to I sent to room, waiter to room to I probably told has about room facilities, special to mentioned of is room to I upgrade to has business standard between, room of toilet also is automatically of, room also has free of yogurt snack and fresh of fruit. anyway Hotel from hardware to software, from facilities to service, are is good, is recommended staying! againThanked the hotel staff warm and attentive service!
  • dabinice
    Hotel was very quiet, convenient. most important is good than the Hilton, Sheraton better service. room every day to send yogurt, fruit, cakes, my 2 children staying 1 person 1 Teddy bear ... really good!
  • dmluo2
    Room was very clean, very nice, service was good, kind I'm sorry haha-next to Luoyang is preferred.
  • pxl1989
    Convenient, around larger facilities. rooms are clean.
  • ssjj1111
    Service, facilities, good location.
  • e05628289
    As usual, great hardware old
  • elevenSLX
    Service is pretty good! passionate and active service personnel! room very good
  • buliop555555
    Clean hotel, good location, a taxi is very convenient, eat around is easy, service first class, very recommended hotel.
  • e01308830
    Service very good! live here all the time!
  • babyoo1
    Original only intends to live day of, can didn't willing to go and more live has day HA!------price super high of hotel, room facilities complete, clean neatly, service enthusiasm thoughtful. staying Shi also sent children small gift, room in daily are has child like of snacks and fruit, room in of Coke a tank 3 Yuan, this price in live had of hotel in the is rare, big praise!
  • delia1987
    High performance-price ratio, a good business choice
  • dnaflow
  • ab740784647
    Was the best hotel I ever did.
  • emma2009
    Which is very nice
  • angelone
    Environment and service are good, is the room too small
  • begening
  • tonyjidong
    Nice hotel, service is very attentive, and select
  • irisyuri
    The price is a high
  • aooicom
    New friendships again! per stay is being moved by their caring service ... Reservation parking space in advance! fruit delivery in advance! regulate the room temperature in advance! ... ... ...
  • linmao775911
    Free pick-up vehicles are big and very comfortable.
  • memeyouyou
    Breakfast need to be replaced often, this is back to the square, very quiet.
  • Juluia
    Great hotel, clean and tidy with style, the most important are the special guests ... Spare new socks, snack fruit ... And services are particularly good, full of smile on everyone's face, feel special respect to the guests, especially the hotel Ms Yao Dongxia, meticulous care, gives us a feeling of being at home ... Now live the best hotels
  • Guojd
    Safe, quiet, warm
  • colmouse
    Can also be
  • lianyia
    Peony square location, travel more convenient to eat, fruits a day, facilities not be luxurious, rooms well away from not feel Super, great service, say hello, elevators need to swipe safer, the lobby is a little small
  • cindyjue
    A very, very good service attitude
  • Alice6643042
    Hotel looks really disappointing, and next to the friendship is far less than the up! but the service was absolutely good, help with tipping also embarrassed luggage collection! intimate handwritten notes said to rest so the next day I drank coffee made more coffee! room service! cost-effective ultra-high
  • luoxue
    Very good service, sent the boy to bear everyday fruits, yogurt and wafer. see our laundry, delivered laundry detergent ... go out every day, the lobby staff asked if I needed help taking a taxi and send water. next time you live here
  • liangrufang
    Since driving tour to Luoyang, was not staying new friendship of, later accidentally live in Hou found hotel service is good, staff are is smile phase welcome, enthusiastic provides help, especially staying second days day we to play attractions back found, drying in bathroom within of change clothes has by floors waiter took to drying and neatly stack put in bed Shang, let holiday out of we very sweet, has home of feel, special recommended to everyone
  • xxwwsmile
    Very good hotel, shuttle drivers, receptionists, waiters make people feel very warm, have a feeling of being at home!
  • ninico
    Good location, Peony themes and good services.
  • isabelle19
    Well-trained staff, courteous, cleaners help to see you push the elevator, lobby attendants volunteered to help the cab. satisfied and recommend!
  • ieagle
    Service very attentive, but the sound is a little weak
  • feiyun
    Overall feels good, staying before the service improved, management should learn is to the old friendship way, nice
  • andybobo90007
    Very nice hotel ... because it is driving to, not understanding how traffic. in addition to this all out!
  • AaronLo
    Which is very nice
  • baojbxpig
    Every comment, really have nothing to say.
  • e03334677
    Peony square opposite, hotel is Peony concept, service is praise! go warm route. Luoyang Hotel many, overall also is is recommended this of, staying Shi room some problem, is too late first will on sleep has a late, second days hotel to upgrade has room, although encountered this problem really of is helpless is depressed, but Hotel processing problem of limitation and attitude also is is in place has, also sent has some small gift said apologies. we live has three days, hotel can sent meal to room is convenient, Bathroom of facilities is new, toto toilet automatically flush. If said problem words also also is some; first bathroom lamp automatically switch is compared convenient, but people in inside long has on shut again out open is trouble; second room of noise effect not is good, opposite of people midnight back put we scare woke up has; last clean management Shang also is need strengthening. but these are not hamper we on this hotel of good impression, service attitude really of Super praise, this for service is veryImportant, I say go buy gifts asked where there, offered to either find someone to take me to the hotel. in General is still recommended.
  • funfun827
    Hardware facilities, but health is very clean, the hotel's service is pretty good, very detailed, and fruits free of charge, and there's a family feeling, sincere praise
  • dengmei
    Very good service than in developed coastal areas, small gifts, parking is convenient.
  • Steven Liu
    Once again, it is still very good, breakfast does not know because booking without breakfast.
  • ownrunner
  • e00092598
    Used to live, is very good, especially nice details it was thoughtful, such as small packages of laundry detergent.
  • liuiron
    Very good of hotel, each bit employees are courtesy friendly, has parking, breakfast rich time long, room big, noise super good, facilities complete, daily sent fresh bowls, bed has daily yogurt and chocolate energy article, also has humidifier and Massage Chair Oh, two species slippers available, sent two bottle water and a barrels loaded water, warm has love of a hotel, for various travel accommodation, health also needed carefully Ah
  • dreammelody
    Gave me a free upgrade, is also very good, very safe
  • yuefa
    New friendship hotel is very good, highly recommended., who accompanied Japan guests on a business trip to Luoyang, was very critical of the Japanese are also very satisfying. hotel bathroom with large bathtub and sit by the Japan's most advanced wash equipment, very comfortable.
  • lyfric
    Hotel services are good, very enthusiastic, comes into the Hall or into an elevator attendant bow to say hello.