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The New Friendship Hotel (Xin Youyi Dajiudian) is a World Golden Key Hotel member. The hotel offers central air conditioning,  in-room stereo sound,  international and domestic direct-dial phones,  computers and mini-bars. The hotel boasts 11 restaurants with a capcity of up to 600 altogether,  serving Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisine in addtion to local dishes and French food.

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住客评论 1279条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • e03148105
    Good services are particularly good from the airport to hotel occupancy is perfect
  • lloyd
    Hotel is very special, Peony-style room very good
  • cc02209
    Very nice hotel, comfortable living
  • eileen_ue
    Excellent service, hotel facilities good, and worth recommending to friends, next time will come again.
  • a101martin
    Service is very good, breakfast was nice!
  • e00140603
    Which is very nice
  • cinderaller
    Very detailed, very comfortable
  • dinofung
    Hotel service is good, the environment is also good. children really enjoy, especially yogurt and cookies to send every night, and send fruit. to Luoyang to a new friendship hotel in the future.
  • camiroyol
    Hotel is nice, service is particularly good. high cost
  • pop00852
    Hardware service to impress absolutely personal travel recommendations
  • e00108707
    Very user friendly ... like ... next time
  • e00167438
    Hotels in appearance, but the rooms are very good. rooms are large, beds very comfortable, rooms have Wi-Fi. Kung Fu tea, fruit, snack foods, yogurt is complimentary. Nice.
  • Crisi
  • sunta
    Service pick any question and satisfied, from the lobby to your room service are satisfied.
  • Santorini
    Friends strongly recommended of this hotel, staying experience Hou feel really good. day set of room, second days morning on to I sent has information told I hotel of location and room,, returned to ahead of left has parking spaces, is intimate, to has Hotel Hou soon on do good has procedures, basically is points minutes, I thing, praise a! into to room let I is is surprise, with of has child, no, I requirements on to distribution good has child slippers! anyway hotel of service really of is Rod, to specialSaid Wong at the front desk girl, during the stay for us with a lot of help, really appreciate, it is recommended to Luoyang's friends can experience the new services of friendship, great value for money!
  • ccang1234
    Service quite warm
  • snail2010
    Also, the service is good
  • Garyngym
    Way live of feel best of hotel, hotel hardware facilities first-class, but let people most has feel of is staff of attitude, any a staff as long as see you will reveals out sincerely of smile, even again busy also will help customer. hardware rich on can do, but software can do so was admired, gestures each details are reflected has customer first, let people real has 'God' of feel!
  • brocade
    Service is very good, we compare the hotels around, price is good, children received a gift, very good.
  • e01192293
    This hotel is worth staying, I give full marks!
  • CMDD0427
    Good, service very good
  • JessieWang04
    A very good environment, good service, it is strongly recommended
  • wjirbj
    Nice hotel, is decorated is a bit old,
  • edu73
    Others are good, but there's no gym, and distance from the four stars
  • fangang88888888
    Service is good, ill have to run out and buy drugs, being, well, to Luoyang, the bucks, the room environment is also very good
  • dtygang
    Facilities, the price is high, but good fun.
  • gaosaix
    Hotel is very good, great service not only to train or upgrade business, go to Luoyang of choice.
  • nelsonjee
    Service was very good. pickup when preparing the mineral water is with warm insulation. newly added massage chairs in the room. Staff are very nice ... feeling very comfortable.
  • yemol
    Hotel of service super good, not only has free of shuttle machine, also has draw activities, hotel of location is good, tight next to Peony square views is beautiful. we due to late, arrived hotel of when has is late has, but front desk of small girl also is is enthusiasm of reception we, fear we so late driver came will belly hungry, also gift we Luoyang specialty Peony crisp, this let we is moved, praise a a. until Peony flower of when, must also will to live of.
  • funnylow
    Can is this travel compared surprise of hotel, set Hotel Qian do has lessons selected has this, was not disappointed, location good, around neatly convenient, veteran hotel just decoration didn't long, room is is unlikely to decoration fine, service heart, a staying on sent two a children per person a public Tsai, room sent yogurt cookies fruit tea, was also has a bags laundry liquid! sewing kits what ranging, easy heart! praise a, yihou back home also selected here.
  • e00076412
    Hotel service is good, is specification, attitude also good. has car shuttle high-speed rail station, into room on has tea has burn good, also has various small gift can selected, service details do of is comfortable. so hardware of bruising can ignored regardless of, see has loaded has double glass, should outside of noise, but night and morning square dance still nuisance. recommends can put earplugs in room, I this sleep more light of people should will better. hotel if can has gym on better has, even a table tennis Taiwan!In short, has recommended a lot of people to live, I will continue to go!
  • e04189077
    Very good, service was too hot, old bow is not so good, HA HA
  • FloydLee
    Breakfast very good, exceeds expectations
  • Heisetiankong
    Hotel of service special good, especially to I handle housing of small girl special of enthusiasm, also deliberately arrangements luggage health with I to see room, staying during, has what problem as long as to front desk call, will immediately to solution, let I is is surprise, other hotel not has so of speed. check out Shi, due to catch time, front desk small girl special fast of to handle good has procedures, speed, praise a a.
  • yunfeng
    Hotel services are very good, environment is also good, the opportunity to live
  • dsestret
    Well, lived here
  • jetnsong
    Are very good, especially good, room is dark, including corridor, restaurants and other public areas.
  • supergy1208
    Very good, good service, convenient
  • DannyYee
  • sisternanny
    Experience is very good, hotel is really nothing to say, the rooms are comfortable and clean with free fruit green, staying at raffle and small gifts, hotel location, Peony Square outside, there are many peonies, recommended stay-
  • ma240131
    Hotel service was very good, and free upgrades
  • erj145
    Well, fruit drinks inclusive
  • bfb2000
    Reception very friendly. room is also good. is the TV channel did not set well, suggested checking improvements.
  • lilyin_wind
    Very good
  • cantona
    Very very satisfaction of experience, completely unexpected! as business people domestic abroad everywhere travel, I even dare guarantee, this is software, hardware are is TOP 3 of a hotel. especially service, real do has home away from home! let we has has home of experience. room arrangements reasonable, even carefully arrangements has Office regional, fax, print ranging. Super praise! front desk, Hall of service personnel, Concierge Department of staff service very in place. next must again live!
  • araviglione
    Is good of hotel, to I left has is deep of impression. regardless of is lobby Concierge also is front desk of waiter are is of enthusiasm sincere, front desk girl also sent has I two small bear, is cute, now in home left for Memorial. surprise of is, to room yihou, waiter found I is girls, immediately on sent came has a double Ladies slippers, and staying during, daily are has different of fresh fruit sent to, so heart detailed of service also is first times met. anyway this is once is goodHotel experience.
  • lonly
    Which is very nice
  • doouu
    Angle is very convenient, very suitable for business trip
  • wyd871101
    Starting Qian deliberately from ctrip Shang see has many network assessment, only select has this hotel, staying yihou, hotel of service does like evaluation said of as very of good. 1, from into hotel lobby began on feel to has, welcome bin member is enthusiasm, help mention luggage, handle staying procedures Shi also will handed Shang tea. 2, front desk of reception personnel also for we detailed of introduced has hotel and room, reminded we second days breakfast of locations and time, is of intimate. 3, rooms of service personnel alsoVery sweet, found me in my room on the first day of the throat medication, and the next day in the room equipped with lozenges and to help burned next to the boiling water with a message telling me to drink more water. I was touched by all these details are, next time I will come to a new friendship.
  • wanglina84
    Best hotel, thank you