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The New Friendship Hotel (Xin Youyi Dajiudian) is a World Golden Key Hotel member. The hotel offers central air conditioning,  in-room stereo sound,  international and domestic direct-dial phones,  computers and mini-bars. The hotel boasts 11 restaurants with a capcity of up to 600 altogether,  serving Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisine in addtion to local dishes and French food.

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住客评论 863条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • leooo
    This good friends to Luoyang play, in online selected has long only selected has this hotel, usually also not wrote reviews, but this really of makes I and the friends of travel is satisfaction. we is taxi came of. rental master put we directly sent to hotel door, I and friends a to hotel door Concierge Taiwan next of small girl on enthusiasm courtesy of greeting we is stay, we said yes, he special professional of for we mention took luggage, will we with to hotel front desk, began front desk two a beautifulMM are is concentrate on of in work, see we came in, that girl smile of greeting we, know we has scheduled, view has we of scheduled information Hou on to we fast of handle has staying, and wish we staying happy, also sent has we is said to have is Hotel homemade of Peony crisp cake and tourism map. then Concierge small girl and then with we to room, in corridor in the see seriously work of sister, she see we also surface with smile of to we greeted. We heart also Le HIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS of. we set of is single bed room, door Hou I of good friends was room neatly of layout, wood quality of furniture and that Xia train Hou yearning for has long of bed to attract live has, for what does? because she said like returned to has home of feel. then Concierge small girl and carefully of to we introduced has room of features; bathroom of Induction lamp, and Peony of theme, and patience of told we this is next to Peony square, room in senior, so see whole square of landscape also will particularly clear,Unfortunately weather not disappointing, somewhat Misty of. because second days we prepared to Luoyang the big attractions play, but I also not is clear where worth a to, so take with Concierge small girl in I draws asked has he, he detailed has structured of according to I of time arrangements recommended has several tourism attractions and told we tickets. understand clear Hou, Concierge small girl also is General wink of to we regards Hou left has room. anyway this travel really of is Rod, really can be described as is a word; beauty. recommendedYou can come and experience it.
  • teongry
    Staying for the first time, more than expected, in all areas of hotel is good
  • baobeiluo
    Booked the hotel after hotel reviews, it really did not let us down. free airport transfer services really provides convenience for us, when there is a present can choose. checkout time because I inadvertently mentioned in a hurry without eating breakfast, results staff kindly sent us a pot of peonies and crisp as earlier, so touched.
  • gongtao_tt
    Travel near a week, last a late live here, just registration good room received has small gift-two a cloth doll, also put we of room for has free upgrade, room Super big, facilities complete, service also special good, second days also called has handlebar we sent to airport, is these days in most satisfaction of hotel has, next again to Luoyang also live here!
  • dreamsun1234
    Hotel facilities were good, the key is great
  • xjw419
    Hotel is located in the urban area, the transportation is convenient, there is a mutton shop opposite tastes great. four star hotel, five star service, staying to send small gifts. facilities are quite new, is that the price is a little high.
  • ssjj1111
    Service, facilities, good location.
  • m01610667
    Hotel excellent service, is located in the downtown area, shopping, eating easy
  • alenpuma
    All right
  • e00014270
    Four-stars hotel, six-star service, not supporting, the service was beyond imagination, than the large chain hotels, and it's human nature, not expensive, room charge beverages cheaper than restaurants, luxurious decoration, home away from home.
  • Airry333
    As a friend, good service, but cannot regulate air conditioning where guests couldn't sleep all night, the hotel for free
  • xxwwsmile
    Very good hotel, shuttle drivers, receptionists, waiters make people feel very warm, have a feeling of being at home!
  • dillage
    This hotel is good, particularly special and attentive service, very comfortable, next to Luoyang Wang
  • e01363465
    Slightly older hardware, but the service was really good
  • Jeffleen
    Which is very nice
  • aline0
    Very good hotel, worth next to continue select hotel
  • lolalidyy
    Hotel services are very thoughtful and very user friendly.
  • dianapp
    That's good
  • wolf925
    Which is very nice
  • amy_fc
    Breakfast was very good ... only downside is sill not soundproof. square dance music early in the morning to wake the
  • leslielyly
    Which is very nice
  • bjxn000
    Hotel is a little old, but good service attitude.
  • jl821
    Well, next time will stay
  • pxl1989
    Convenient, around larger facilities. rooms are clean.
  • jasminesip
    And cheap! in the town centre area, out of praise!
  • ericspa
    Warm service!
  • wsb168
    Hotel internal decoration is new, room is intimate of gift has yogurt fruit and cookies, dinner can without out eat has. bed products is comfortable, a night no dream, out tourism, rest good special important. hotel is located in downtown, traffic convenience, 2 minutes can to airport, near has many restaurant, road opposite can eat to Luoyang features lamb Soup. most worth praised of, hotel service special enthusiasm thoughtful, free shuttle machine, if again to Luoyang, also will select here.
  • gavin1983
    ? Wrong
  • Andriy
    As always, good.
  • lan1228
    Hotel is located in the urban area, convenient. four star hotel, five star service, staying to send small gifts. places to eat near the hotel are many large and small restaurants.
  • e03353767
    Sunny side is square dance music room at 6 in the morning, I need the morning call.
  • clovermaomao
    Husband said yes, 4 star, after all, in line with the temperament of Luoyang, clean, big room, comfort, prestige! hehe ~! most important, convenient shopping, travel destinations are also very close, will come to live in the future ~!
  • dreamersj
    Hotel location is very good, just across from the convenience store, not 5 minutes old Luoyang noodle shops, free parking. Assistant Manager and staff are very warm and friendly, responsive, and answer their questions. Room very good, sending fruit, yogurt, and Serena, because with a baby doll toy was also sent, said that special fruit has four, very good quality, not perfunctory fruit ^ _ ^ other hotel rooms separate WiFi, signal strong individuals with a few minor recommendationsRoom charges for placing articles (not saying you know......) Will give people lower on the hotel's view, few hotels on these things now ...
  • bin3pl
    New friendship big hotel is I see had most human most sincere for guest of a hotel, with family to Luoyang play son, see has many network assessment yihou eventually set in has new friendship. hotel provides has free of received machine service, this for we outsiders really of is is intimate, station of Yao ladies is enthusiasm know we is from field to tourism of, along the like we introduced has many Luoyang worth play of place. to hotel yihou handle staying of employees is professional shortcut and gift to we has LosYang of specialty Peony crisp and Luoyang map, really of is let we moved was. in live during all waiter on we of needs are is active meet and also intimate of for we provides has many unexpected of small surprise. because just is himself of birthday out day returned to hotel Hou found himself of room in pendulum with a fine of Peony porcelain also has a seal handwriting of cards, see has Hou found is hotel for I prepared of birthday gift, really of is let I has a stream from heart sliding had, senseThanks to their attentive service, strongly recommend to you, Oh!
  • jadecr
  • avissum
    Hotel room was very clean, service is good, gave them a small gift, really good
  • e00162177
    Hotel boss should be very fancy to customer experience, service to a new height! definitely worth staying, accompanied by several families were satisfied, although I personally feel that the hotel is not a five-star, but the Super 7 stars!
  • janny1230
    Hotel services are particularly good, and Hotel details well. have been booked this hotel
  • eric2068
    And we think it's great
  • ffb007
    Very satisfied with the hotel.
  • elaine8866
    Special praise service, really good, than five stars are not poor! decoration features, with first-class facilities.
  • emonmay
    Very good hotel, excellent service, the only flaw is living in the room a bit noisy at night on the road, the hotel also has an airport shuttle service, very satisfied
  • JadeYuan
    This hotel from entering the gate to check out service staff always smiling friendly, making guests feel home away from home feeling. Room and bathroom clean and tidy very warm and the bed was very comfortable. high performance-price ratio! Provided every day with free fruit and yogurt, and fruit was very fresh. The little sister in the lobby (256?) Warm sunshine, and praise one! So far is my stay in 4 star hotels most satisfied in a, Whether it is hardware or software, highly recommended!
  • wjirbj
    Nice hotel, is decorated is a bit old,
  • daisylixiao
    Every year to stay at this hotel, service very good, rooms are clean, free parking, convenient! peer friends birthday there was prepared a birthday gift, thank you! recommended, Chan?
  • adalard
    Hotel is located in downtown, traffic is convenience, also near Peony square, early up morning special good! associate four star of hotel, is is associate seven of service, into to hotel each personal are is kind, surface with smile, service thoughtful, is has home of feel, front desk small girl seems called Wang Bozhen handle procedures of speed soon, service also is enthusiasm, heard I is since driving tour, also told has I gantry Grotto white horse Temple of lane line, and took out map detailed of to I hand painting has XiaTo, later and to I took has parking card told I by parking card can free parking, go of when see I luggage more also let lobby employees to I sent to room, waiter to room to I probably told has about room facilities, special to mentioned of is room to I upgrade to has business standard between, room of toilet also is automatically of, room also has free of yogurt snack and fresh of fruit. anyway Hotel from hardware to software, from facilities to service, are is good, is recommended staying! againThanked the hotel staff warm and attentive service!
  • leili281
    Very good, also gave small gifts is television a little less
  • cauwja
    Clean, comfortable, good service.
  • luv_sandra
    A very good environment. service is very good.
  • aysping
    Good place to consider