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The New Friendship Hotel (Xin Youyi Dajiudian) is a World Golden Key Hotel member. The hotel offers central air conditioning,  in-room stereo sound,  international and domestic direct-dial phones,  computers and mini-bars. The hotel boasts 11 restaurants with a capcity of up to 600 altogether,  serving Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisine in addtion to local dishes and French food.

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住客评论 1342条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • andybobo90007
    Very nice hotel ... because it is driving to, not understanding how traffic. in addition to this all out!
  • AaronLo
    Which is very nice
  • baojbxpig
    Every comment, really have nothing to say.
  • e03334677
    Peony square opposite, hotel is Peony concept, service is praise! go warm route. Luoyang Hotel many, overall also is is recommended this of, staying Shi room some problem, is too late first will on sleep has a late, second days hotel to upgrade has room, although encountered this problem really of is helpless is depressed, but Hotel processing problem of limitation and attitude also is is in place has, also sent has some small gift said apologies. we live has three days, hotel can sent meal to room is convenient, Bathroom of facilities is new, toto toilet automatically flush. If said problem words also also is some; first bathroom lamp automatically switch is compared convenient, but people in inside long has on shut again out open is trouble; second room of noise effect not is good, opposite of people midnight back put we scare woke up has; last clean management Shang also is need strengthening. but these are not hamper we on this hotel of good impression, service attitude really of Super praise, this for service is veryImportant, I say go buy gifts asked where there, offered to either find someone to take me to the hotel. in General is still recommended.
  • funfun827
    Hardware facilities, but health is very clean, the hotel's service is pretty good, very detailed, and fruits free of charge, and there's a family feeling, sincere praise
  • dengmei
    Very good service than in developed coastal areas, small gifts, parking is convenient.
  • Steven Liu
    Once again, it is still very good, breakfast does not know because booking without breakfast.
  • ownrunner
  • e00092598
    Used to live, is very good, especially nice details it was thoughtful, such as small packages of laundry detergent.
  • liuiron
    Very good of hotel, each bit employees are courtesy friendly, has parking, breakfast rich time long, room big, noise super good, facilities complete, daily sent fresh bowls, bed has daily yogurt and chocolate energy article, also has humidifier and Massage Chair Oh, two species slippers available, sent two bottle water and a barrels loaded water, warm has love of a hotel, for various travel accommodation, health also needed carefully Ah
  • dreammelody
    Gave me a free upgrade, is also very good, very safe
  • yuefa
    New friendship hotel is very good, highly recommended., who accompanied Japan guests on a business trip to Luoyang, was very critical of the Japanese are also very satisfying. hotel bathroom with large bathtub and sit by the Japan's most advanced wash equipment, very comfortable.
  • lyfric
    Hotel services are good, very enthusiastic, comes into the Hall or into an elevator attendant bow to say hello.
  • tyoto
    New friendship, the hotel front desk very helpful. around eating is also very convenient ... overall not bad
  • guangjun
    Good good good good good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good.
  • euguel
    This of staying best of experience is waiter of enthusiasm has. to has Luoyang yihou on has hotel of car Shuttle, also in car Shang confidence of prepared has mineral water, lobby Manager way to sent to has room, front desk girl also is enthusiasm yo, focus is no card is Shang not to floors of, this is let I think is good, for guest provides has more a layer of security. staying during, waiter also in room left has handwriting message article, said help I wash good has socks, too praise has. to everyoneRecommend.
  • Forbalance
    Nice location
  • crissy86
    Often meeting travel live hotel, basic are not too poor, but live has so more, had to more said two sentence, Luoyang this hotel to I of impression most deep, hardware facilities actually similar, key is they of service, is I see had best of. This is third times staying, but still service attitude so good, especially has bit called Shi Guohui of Manager, from first times two years ago to hotel on on he impression very deep. I are wonder is this hotel is specifically to training had did, Super fiveStar hotel without them such attentive service. have to five points like. after Luoyang was in their home, or want to open stores in the country.
  • e03353767
    Sunny side is square dance music room at 6 in the morning, I need the morning call.
  • e00515408
    Live very comfortable, recommended stay
  • EVIC915
    Great service every time
  • Rainbowluo2000
    Hotel is located in Peony square near, traffic, shopping, catering are more convenient. hotel service very enthusiasm, provides staying and away from shop Shi to airport or high-speed rail station of free shuttle. due to the only ahead of two hours notification staying, hotel active proposed claims to shop taxi fee. staying and away from shop Shi front desk manager also gift has gift. consider to days hot, away from shop Shi also deliberately sent has two bottle water, very thanks! hotel in security facilities Shang consider also more thoughtful, except card into staying floors outside,Staircases have access control systems. Little advice in the corridor ventilation and insulation coordination on refrigeration, environmental comfort in the hotel. Once again, many thanks!
  • caics
    Which is very nice.
  • carolyn12
    Hotel hardware are good, but service Super five-star! zhiqian commitment of shuttle station service punctuality and trustworthy with, Yao Manager very thoughtful, not only prepared good water and wet towel, also to children small toy, fruit, yogurt, food. I in guess, this hotel of boss should very fancy customer of feel, will service rose to new height! absolute worth everyone staying, peer of several households family are is satisfaction, I personal think hotel although not five-star of, but service Super 7 star!
  • iv412
    100 a praise! lobby style, has waiter sent mineral water, immediately feel service grade high. absolute worth staying of hotel, service super good! thoughtful reflected in real of action Shang! Hotel live guest many estimated is repeat customers compared more's! strongly recommended! front desk handle procedures of speed is I live of hotel inside most fast of, front desk waiter also introduced urban of attractions and near of Bank, also sent has I a is cute of small bear! do good has room we directly on ShangHas floor, is staff followed to room, very intimate, live hotel most fear of is various trouble, handle good Hou service personnel and detailed introduced has room of situation. to room also see waiter has help we burn good of water, room also sent has yogurt Granville of cookies fresh fruit, new friendship of service attitude and human superior, is we by live had of hotel in service quality best of, yihou will recommended to all to Luoyang of friends, hope hotel of business increasingly good! noOn the way, experience is very good, next time you should select here!
  • albet
    Hotel environment, good health, and airport transfer!
  • baobeiluo
    Booked the hotel after hotel reviews, it really did not let us down. free airport transfer services really provides convenience for us, when there is a present can choose. checkout time because I inadvertently mentioned in a hurry without eating breakfast, results staff kindly sent us a pot of peonies and crisp as earlier, so touched.
  • e00014270
    Four-stars hotel, six-star service, not supporting, the service was beyond imagination, than the large chain hotels, and it's human nature, not expensive, room charge beverages cheaper than restaurants, luxurious decoration, home away from home.
  • jjrrbb
  • tanlw
    Hotel location is good, opposite on has convenience shop, no 5 minutes is old Luoyang noodle, free parking. lobby Manager and service personnel are is enthusiasm friendly, responsive, has asked will answer. room health is good, sent has fruit, yogurt and small Granville of, special to said fruit has four sample, quality is good, not other hotel perfunctory of fruit Oh ^ _ ^ room separate of WiFi, signal super strong. overall is good, praise a ^ _ ^
  • lily77786
    A very good environment and service attitude, but also fruit, yogurt, and worthy of staying, and praise one!
  • Cilla
    Service was friendly, said point being at home is no exaggeration, detail is also very intimate, drop off the car is level enough, two words, satisfaction, three words, happy, next time you visit Luoyang again to select a new friendship.
  • jessieyang
    Nice, thoughtful service, rich breakfast, comfortable environment!
  • Super Cola
    Very nice hotel
  • ccr0701
    Very good, especially the staff very helpful, very thoughtful. highly recommended!
  • Jeffleen
    Which is very nice
  • AlbertFly
  • alenpuma
    All right
  • babyji88
    Luoyang is rest a night. hotel services are good, waiter sincere, warm. facilities are also very new and clean. very satisfied.
  • danning
    Very good, shuttle is convenient
  • allen fan
    Very good hotel, sanitary conditions are also very good, service was warm.
  • amdrea
    Good, really good, and next refer-a-friend to them!
  • sy6356
    Service is good, the outdated facilities, lift replacement, met twice a day breakdown
  • tintong_pa
    Clean and comfortable, geographical environment is very good, beautiful recommended the mutton soup across the street in the lobby was good! room was a plate of fruits delicious! there's a bucket of purified water, lots of restaurants behind the hotel, various shops are convenient, square also has a row of bars, is the bathroom shower is not good
  • alicetoo
    Always stay
  • e00122372
    Hotel is very good, rooms at the lottery, fruits a day. staff performance is very good.
  • leooo
    This good friends to Luoyang play, in online selected has long only selected has this hotel, usually also not wrote reviews, but this really of makes I and the friends of travel is satisfaction. we is taxi came of. rental master put we directly sent to hotel door, I and friends a to hotel door Concierge Taiwan next of small girl on enthusiasm courtesy of greeting we is stay, we said yes, he special professional of for we mention took luggage, will we with to hotel front desk, began front desk two a beautifulMM are is concentrate on of in work, see we came in, that girl smile of greeting we, know we has scheduled, view has we of scheduled information Hou on to we fast of handle has staying, and wish we staying happy, also sent has we is said to have is Hotel homemade of Peony crisp cake and tourism map. then Concierge small girl and then with we to room, in corridor in the see seriously work of sister, she see we also surface with smile of to we greeted. We heart also Le HIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS of. we set of is single bed room, door Hou I of good friends was room neatly of layout, wood quality of furniture and that Xia train Hou yearning for has long of bed to attract live has, for what does? because she said like returned to has home of feel. then Concierge small girl and carefully of to we introduced has room of features; bathroom of Induction lamp, and Peony of theme, and patience of told we this is next to Peony square, room in senior, so see whole square of landscape also will particularly clear,Unfortunately weather not disappointing, somewhat Misty of. because second days we prepared to Luoyang the big attractions play, but I also not is clear where worth a to, so take with Concierge small girl in I draws asked has he, he detailed has structured of according to I of time arrangements recommended has several tourism attractions and told we tickets. understand clear Hou, Concierge small girl also is General wink of to we regards Hou left has room. anyway this travel really of is Rod, really can be described as is a word; beauty. recommendedYou can come and experience it.
  • lisx428
    Hotel was good, staff was friendly, is not so professional, a problem with the room, broken open, can't open a conference call.
  • fangbi1214
    After reading the reviews of the new friendship hotel, after moving to reputation. daily complimentary yogurt and a variety of seasonal fruits, and we stayed for a few days, replaced every day kind of fruit.
    Nice and clean.